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"Empowering HR to Focus"


Melioris payroll services leverage on the latest technological solutions in payroll to help our customers delegate non-core repetitive process and achieve significant costs savings. Through the use of technologies such as time tracking system and devices, Melioris can help companies manage their full time and part time payroll, keep proper track of their payroll costs and yet retain visibilty and control over this process. Melioris customers in payroll included large companies like Burger King and Shake Shack and also SMEs like Whois Digital, the Happy People Company, Z Fencing.


Approach and Advantages

  • Understand and Responsive to companies’ needs

  • Manage complex processes  (eg multiple outlets, part timers / hourly rated)

  • Independent of software
    - leverage on best of breed technologies to achieve optimal results

  • Proven support team to help drive and support change process

  • Customer services to support organizational needs

How Melioris Payroll Services help our customers

  • Reduction in significant payroll costs for customers

  • Free up valuable resources to focus on core activities and lower needs to train and keep payroll staff

  • Leverage on latest technology in payroll to help companies achieve operational cost efficiencies and visibilty

  • One stop services for customer services to address all enquiries with regards to payroll




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