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“Trusted HR Partner for your business"

Melioris helps its customers on core transactional payroll process and partners with HR to deliver its primary core activities and allow them to focus on other value-added activities.  Melioris' customers in payroll include leading F&B chains like Burger King and Shake Shack and also small-and-medium businesses across different sectors like Whois Digital, Indiba, The Happy People Company and Z Fencing.


Through domain knowledge, best-practice processes, and application of cloud applications (including integration of time tracking system and devices), Melioris can help companies better manage their more complex processes with a combination of full time, causal and part time employees across multiple stores.  

Melioris also serves small-and-medium businesses for efficient and trusted outsourcing services, leaving business owners and managers with peace of mind to focus on its core business processes.

Melioris Benefits and Approach

  • Allows HR to focus on more HR core activities

  • Manages complex processes relating to causal workers, part timers and multiple outlets

  • Provides insightful reports to HR and management

  • Meets local compliance and regulations especially with regards to manpower law

  • Provides pre-alerts to operations to highlight trending and potential issue for intervention and adjustment

  • Payroll Processing

"We have been collaborating with Melioris Pte Ltd payroll outsourcing services for the past 3 years and our experience has been great so far. They not just render payroll services alone, but also offer other types of service such as generating reports like General Ledger for accounting purpose, Overtime Hours and Labor Hours Analysis so that we can forecast our labor cost for every month ahead before official payroll closure. It has been proven effective for our labor management effort so far.


Throughout the course of partnership, we have also built strong relationship and trust in each other to safeguard our data confidentiality and accuracy. They have also shown great professionalism in dealing with teething issues such as legislation changes as well as change of HR personnel along the way.

It has been a worthwhile journey and we will definitely recommend their services to any companies who wish to outsource their payroll services to an external vendor."

Manager, Human Resource
Burger King Singapore Pte Ltd

"We highly recommended Melioris as our trusted value added business partner and we will definitely recommend their services to any companies who wish to outsource their payroll services to an external vendor."

Senior Manager, Human Resource

Shake Shack Singapore Jewel Pte Ltd