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Why outsource payroll processing?


  • Accuracy and compliance, with best practice processes in place


  • High costs of doing in-house

    • Attracting and retaining payroll processing resources for time consuming administrative activities

    • Distraction on system selection, implementation, update and maintenance from focusing on core activities


  • Minimises potential dependence on individual


  • Enhances check and balances, resulting in better controls


  • Allows scalability as well as downsizes/ restructuring in terms of costs and processes


Common concerns for not outsourcing


  • Perceived loss of confidentiality

    • This can be managed by proper controls on process, people and system


  • Perceived loss of control

    • There is instant access to information with cloud technology

    • Ready set of reports to provide visibility


  • Cheaper doing in-house

    • Need to compare to total costs of ownership and potential costs (distraction from core, disruption from staff turnover)


  • We are doing most of the work anyway

    • Lack of proper check and control

    • There is still certain amount of routine administrative tasks to be done



















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