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Business Process Services

Achieve proven Best in Class BPO services from a regional BPO specialist

Melioris has acquired more than 20 years of collective experience in sales, operations and finance to operate business processes utilising the latest in cloud technologies and adopting best in class SLAs to give utmost confidence to our clients.  We aim to provide superior services at cost-effective fees to help our clients achieve success in this competitive and ever-changing environment.

Our BPO services are designed to support large enterprises in key processes that needs local customisation and support to operate the process successfully.  It is also designed with flexibility for growth and speed and specially catered to provide localised support to meet customers’ needs faster.

Entrust your Business Processes with Visibilty and Control

Our BPO services are classified into the following categories:

  • Sales Partners and Customers Collections

  • B2B Claims and Rebates

  • Online Rewards

  • Customer Service

Entrust your Business Processes with Visibilty and Control

We have accumulated our expertise and experience over the years from BPO engagements with clients which require the following:

High enterprise security requirements

Understanding of Service Level Agreements

Knowledge of corporate governance

Support on a regional level



Claims & Rebates

Claims & Rebates

Online Rewards

Online Rewards

Customer Services

Customer Services

Getting Best in Class "Business Process Outsourcing" services at Cost-Effective Rates


Regular reporting of SLAs performance of service

Reduce labour Issues

Reduce labour issues with flexible arrangements to reduce costs


Full control of business processes through use of cloud-based systems

Security Requirements

Meet security controls (eg systems, documents, access) and audit requirements


Rapid scaling through implementation of flexible workforce

Regional Support

Experience in Support for operations in Asia and SEA region for MNCs

Ensuring BPO engagements

Ensuring BPO engagements

We follow certain standard operating procedures (see below) for the takeover, migration, operation of the processes to ensure a successful project delivery.  Key success factors include adherence to Service Level Agreements and continuous review of the BPO engagements with our clients to resolve ongoing issues and feedbacks.

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