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Pivot B2B Collections for Profitable Partners Relationships

We help to pivot collections to be profitable partner relationship and great customer experience through our specialists and experienced team. Our service helps your sales team focus on sales.

Best in class collection practices with an in-house award winning receivables management solutions to keep track of all tracking and correspondences with Partners and Customers.

Reduce credit and collection process costs yet getting complete visibility of outsourced collection process with SLA performance monitoring.

Key Benefits

Getting Best in Class "Invoice to Collect" Process at Cost-Effective Fees


Regular reporting of SLAs performance of service

Reduce labour Issues

Reduce labour issues with flexible arrangements to reduce costs


Full control of business processes through use of cloud-based systems

Security Requirements

Meet security controls (eg systems, documents, access) and audit requirements


Rapid scaling through implementation of flexible workforce

Regional Support

Experience in Support for operations in Asia and SEA region for MNCs

Suitable Industries for Outsourced "Invoice to Collect" Process


Fast Moving Consumer Goods

Financial Institution & Fintech
Financial Institution
& Fintech
Shared Services
Shared Services

Large companies selling through B2B partners


Transportation and courier


Description of Business Process Service – Collections

Order Processed

Credit Risk Management

Billing & Invoicing

AR Collections Management

Payment Processing

AR Reporting

"Empowering Sales to focus on Sales" 

In a partner-centric organisation, sales and business development will need to carry out potential conflicting tasks of discussing new businesses and collection with business partners.  Moreover, these require considerable time in following up and managing collection issues arising, including disputes, request of documents, queries on billing and returns.

Melioris supports in managing end-to-end collection activities through:

  • Formalising and executing credit and collection strategy

  • Tracking key correspondences and compiling risk profile

  • Following up actively with account management approach

  • Proposing key action plans to client for approval including credit hold, instalment plan, legal action

  • Support on operation request and enquiry on statement of accounts, receipting and reporting

  • Support on internal and external audit requirements

Melioris supports in managing end-to-end collection activities through:

  • Empowering Sales to focus on new business development

  • Preserving healthy relationship with Business Partners

  • Achieving required DSO and collection KPI

  • Boost efficiency and improve customers satisfaction

  • Offers cloud-based document management system for easy retrieval of documents

  • Working proficiency in any ERP system (including SAP, Oracle etc) 

Business Process Service

Testimonial From Clients

Essilor Singapore

Jason Teo

General Manager

In our collaboration with Melioris for the past 3 years, the team has exhibited strong ownership and collaborative spirit.  While challenges were faced along the way, the Melioris Team has always been very open and receptive to discuss and quickly put an action in place to resolve issues and has been regarded as a valued partner to our company.

Johnson & Johnson Vision Care

Chu, Yi-Ching


The Melioris team displayed excellent commitment to make the transition and go live as smooth as possible. They are flexible and adaptable in the service delivery and actively solicit team’s feedback on improvement areas. The DSO improved dramatically and back on track within 3 months.

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