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Unlocking Excellence in Recruitment for F&B sector and Finance, HR and Admin Roles

Welcome to Melioris Recruitment, your trusted partner in sourcing top-notch talent for the dynamic fields of Food & Beverage (F&B) industry and Finance, HR & Admin roles. We specialize in recruiting skilled professionals for both full-time and contract positions.

Our Services

Tailored Solutions for Your Recruitment Needs


Full-Time Recruitment

Securing the Right Fit for Your Team:

  • Dedicated recruitment experts ensuring a seamless process.

  • Thorough candidate vetting to match your company culture and requirements.

  • Timely placement of qualified professionals.


Contract Staffing

Flexibility Without Compromise

  • Swift access to a pool of experienced contract professionals.

  • Scalable solutions to meet your project-specific needs.

  • Minimize recruitment time and costs.


Excellence Defined in F&B and Finance, HR & Admin roles


F&B Sector

Crafting Culinary Success

  • Recruitment for front-line managers, service crews, chefs, kitchen staff etc.

  • Niche expertise in understanding the unique demands of the F&B industry.

  • Seamless placements for restaurants, catering, and hospitality businesses.

  • Knowledge of F&B payroll management and requirements for full-time and part-time crew.


Finance, HR & Admin


Empowering Your Finance, HR and Admin Backbone

  • Recruitment for Finance, HR and Admin professionals.

  • Thorough understanding of Finance, HR and Admin roles' intricate requirements.

  • Efficient placement strategies to strengthen your team.

Why Choose Melioris Recruitment

Elevating Your Hiring Experience

Client-Centric Approach

Your Success is Our Priority

Tailored recruitment strategies aligned with your business objectives.

Responsive and transparent communication throughout the hiring process.

Industry Expertise

Navigating F&B and Finance, HR & Admin Landscapes

In-depth knowledge of industry trends, challenges, and talent expectations.

Proactive in adapting to evolving industry needs.

Proven Track Record

Excellence in servicing clients in the industry

Client testimonials showcasing the impact of HR solutions.

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