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Pivot FMCG companies towards Agility & Profitable Partners Relationships

Achieve excellent outsourced process with local customers and partners support at cost-effective fees. Gain full control over your process through SLAs.

Utilising modern cloud based system to provide you the necessary performance metrics to monitor your process on an on-going basis and achieve satisfied customers and partners.

Key Benefits

Getting Best in Class Process at Cost-Effective Pricing for FMCG Companies


Regular reporting of SLAs performance of service

Reduce Labour Issues

Reduce labour issues with flexible arrangements to reduce costs


Full control of business processes through use of cloud-based systems

Security Requirements

Meet security controls (eg systems, documents, access) and audit requirements  


Rapid scaling through implementation of flexible workforce

Regional Support

Experience in Support for operations in Asia and SEA region for MNCs

Service Offerings for FMCG industries

Use outsourced services from a trusted partner. We can help your organization become more agile and be more responsive to business conditions through our services.



Sales Collections

Sales Collections

Our Sales Collections process involves the "Invoice to Collect" process including:

  • Billing & Invoicing preparation

  • Statements printing

  • Billing and statements sending

  • Accounts Reconciliation

  • Dispute Resolutions

  • Receipting

  • SLAs monitoring and performance monitoring

  • Monthly reporting and analytics of operations

  • Periodic meetings on process improvements



Claims & Rebates

Claims & Rebates

Claims and Rebates involves the processing of B2B incentives or promotion rebates for large enterprises for their sales partners including:

  • Creation of Sales or Partners Incentives program to drive sales

  • Receipt of submission of claims by partners 

  • Verification against program databases

  • Checking for completeness of documents submitted

  • Validation against program rules of incentives program

  • Flagging inconsistent or fraudulent claims

  • Preparation of payment listing to clients

  • Preparation of payment files to process e-payments to partners



Customer Service

Customer Service

Outsource Customer Service involves helping enterprises with customer feedback and customers issues tracking, monitoring and following up to meet customer satisfaction, including:

  • Implementation of award winning customer service solution

  • Setup of customers and onboarding into solution

  • Setup of customer escalation rules

  • Creation of omni-channel for customers interaction (eg email, whatsapp)

  • Prioritising, monitoring and flagging customer issues

  • Monthly reporting of statistics relating to customers services

  • Monthly reporting and analytics of operations

  • Periodic meetings on process improvements

Payroll Services


Monthly Recurring

Monthly Recurring

No. of Headcount


Monthly fee (SGD)


One time Setup Fee (SGD)



Payroll service for FMCG companies include:

  • Understand, design and setup payroll process and configuration

  • Onboard new staff

  • Manage resignations

  • Monthly Payroll processing – single & multiple run

  • Payment Files

  • Customized Reports including GL report

  • Submission to CPF

  • Self-service - including E-payslip

  • IR8A submission

  • Setup, usage and administration of leave system

  • NS Claims

Payroll Services


Ad-hoc Services

Ad-hoc Services

Ad-hoc Payroll services include:

  • Employment Pass Applications

  • Dependent Pass Applications

  • Letter of Consent Applications


Testimonial From Clients

Johnson & Johnson Vision Care

Chu, Yi-Ching

The Melioris team displayed excellent commitment to make the transition and go live as smooth as possible. They are flexible and adaptable in the service delivery and actively solicit team’s feedback on improvement areas. The DSO improved dramatically and back on track within 3 months.

Essilor Singapore

Jason Teo
General Manager

In our collaboration with Melioris for the past 3 years, the team has exhibited strong ownership and collaborative spirit.  While challenges were faced along the way, the Melioris Team has always been very open and receptive to discuss and quickly put an action in place to resolve issues and has been regarded as a valued partner to our company.

Far Ocean Group

Sim Ley Ting
​Assistant HR Manager

It has been a great pleasure to partner with the Melioris Payroll Team for our payroll needs!  The team has always reacted well to our dynamically changing business needs.  Happy with their professional and personable customer support!

Johnson & Johnson Vision Care

Neo Yuann Shan
CRM Product Manager, Connected Commerce

They have shown dedication in their services throughout from contractual signing to onboarding and execution duties. We appreciate their initiatives taken at times where we may have oversights and their patience in attending to our changing complex approaches across the services we have engaged them for.

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