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Online Rewards
Online Rewards

Achieve Agility
for Superior Customer Service for Online Rewards

Gain visibility and control over your Online Rewards process while outsourcing the process.  Through our Online Rewards Tracking system, achieve cost-effective outsourced operations yet maintaining excellent monitoring and get superior SLA performance.

Key Benefits

Getting Best in Class "Online Rewards" Process at Cost-Effective Fees


Regular reporting of SLAs performance of service

Reduce labour Issues

Reduce labour issues with flexible arrangements to reduce costs


Full control of business processes through use of cloud-based systems

Security Requirements

Meet security controls (eg systems, documents, access) and audit requirements


Rapid scaling through implementation of flexible workforce

Regional Support

Experience in Support for operations in Asia and SEA region for MNCs

Suitable Industries for Outsourced "Online Rewards" Process

Technology & IT
Technology & IT

Distribution & Reselling


Fast Moving Consumer Goods

Shared Services
Shared Services

MNCs selling through Consumers directly (B2C)


Business Process Service – Online Rewards

Business Process Service – Online Rewards

"Empowering Responsive and Agility to Customer Behaviour"

In line with imperative digital strategy, more and more companies are looking at how to develop and balance their online sales, ecommerce or connected commerce to offline strategy for its customers.

Melioris helps companies including MNCs and start-ups with their online platform sales incentivisation and disbursement processes across multiple online platforms such at Lazada, Shopee and Qoo10. As a result, customers can focus more on the strategy and tactical implementation.

Melioris will support processing, verification, reporting and fulfilment of rewards and incentives, including pulling data from multi-online platforms, verifying for validity and proper supporting, compiling reports, preparing list for fulfilment, arranging fulfilment and follow up on any exceptions and enquiries.

Melioris Benefits and Approach

  • Empowers client to focus on core activities to drive high performance

  • Allows clients to be more agile and responsive to consumer behaviour

  • Enables rapid rollout and implementation

  • Aligns and manages relationship, processes and financial perspectives

Business Process Service

Testimonial From Clients

Johnson & Johnson Vision Care

Neo Yuann Shan

CRM Product Manager, Connected Commerce

They have shown dedication in their services throughout from contractual signing to onboarding and execution duties. We appreciate their initiatives taken at times where we may have oversights and their patience in attending to our changing complex approaches across the services we have engaged them for.

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