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Giving Agility to F&B companies to respond quickly to Changing Conditions

Relieving F&B companies of the recurring transactional activities and helping them focus on core activities. Reduce complexities of managing payroll function including tracking part-time employees and tracking their attendances.

Utilising modern cloud based system to provide F&B on payroll services (including staff scheduling) and automating time attendance tracking to achieve satisfied customers and employees.

Key Benefits

Hassle Free for Quick Scale Up for F&B Companies

No more worries about hiring, re-training and knowledge retention when HR staff departs.

Timely and Accurate

Specialists with many years of payroll service

Hassle Free

No worry about changes to labor law which affects payroll computations


Fees adjusted according to the stage of growth of your operations

Regulatory Compliant

Connectivity to govt entities eg CPF and IRAS to ensure timely submission of payroll information


Real time cloud systems to access anywhere and anytime

Payroll Reporting

Regular reporting of payroll information for staff happiness

Service Offering for F&B Companies

Payroll Services


Monthly Recurring

Monthly Recurring

No. of Headcount


Monthly fee (SGD)


One time Setup Fee (SGD)



Payroll service for F&B Companies include:

  • Setup payroll & leave process and configuration

  • Onboard new staff

  • Manage resignations

  • Monthly Payroll processing 

  • Payment Files and Standard Reports

  • Submission to CPF 

  • Self-service - including E-payslip

  • IR8A submission

  • Setup, usage and administration of leave system

  • NS Claims


  • Timesheet monitoring - integrating time and facial systems

  • Staff Scheduling

Payroll Services


Ad-hoc Services

Ad-hoc Services

Ad-hoc Payroll services include:

  • Employment Pass Applications 

  • Dependent Pass Applications

  • Letter of Consent Applications


Testimonial From Clients

Shake Shack Singapore

Andy Lee
Senior Manager, Human Resources

We highly recommended Melioris as our trusted value added business partner and we will definitely recommend their services to any companies who wish to outsource their payroll services to an external vendor.

Burger King Singapore

Val Teo
Manager, Human Resource

Throughout the course of partnership, we have also built strong relationship and trust in each other to safeguard our data confidentiality and accuracy. They have also shown great professionalism in dealing with teething issues such as legislation changes as well as change of HR personnel along the way.

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